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House League Registration Now Open!

The 2022 House League Season Registration is now open.  

For more information on Learn To Play please click here.
For more information on House League please click here.

In keeping our players and volunteers safe this season all players 12 and up will need to be fully vaccinated to participate.  Please note, based on information and mandates from the PWSA this could change.

House League Pricing 2022

Division Birth Year Cost January 1 Cost March 1 Cost April 1
Learn To Play U7 Ages 4 to 7 $50 $50 $50
U9 2013, 2014 $120 $130 $150
U11 2011, 2012 $150 $160 $180
U13 2009, 2010 $170 $180 $200
U15 2007, 2008 $170 $180 $200
U17/U19 Merged 2003 thru 2006 $190 $200 $220

Select Preparation

This clinic is geared for those wanting to be prepared for Select Try Outs or the house league season.  There will be 2 sessions 6 and 8 weeks in length, feel free to sign up for one or both.
January 31 to March 8 - 6 Weeks - $75 - (Based on lockdown measures this has been reduced.  Originally 8 weeks for $100)
March 22 to May 10 - 8 Weeks - $100

U13 - Mondays 6-7pm
U15 - Mondays 7-8pm
U17/19 - Tuesdays 8pm-9pm

Please note: Anybody 18 and over will need to be fully vaccinated to participate in the clinics.  Please no cleats, running shoes only.  you will need your own glove, bat, and helmet. Fielding cages are optional but recommended.


Natile Wideman Catching Clinics

KMGSA is proud to announce that we will have Team Canada Olympic Bronze medalist Natalie Wideman joining us on January 22nd to host 2 catching clinics.

The Natalie Wideman Clinics will Take place on January 22,2022.  Clinics are $75 each for the 2 hours and will happen at the following times:

U11/U13 Catching Clinic 1:30 - 3:30

U15/U17/U19 Catching Clinic - 4:00 - 6:00

Fundamental Clinics

Fundamentals will be happening at The Klassics Turf House at 330 Gage Avenue Unit 4 in Kitchener.

Clinics will Run on Saturdays at the following times:

U9 - 10am

U11 - 11am

U13 - 12pm

We will be running the following sessions.

October 2 to December 4th - 10 weeks - $120 - FULL -

January 8 to March 12 - 10 Weeks - $120

March 19 to May 7 - 8 Weeks - $100

You can sign up for one or multiple sessions.

Be sure to bring running shoes, bat, helmet, fielding mask and glove.

Pitching Clinics

Pitching Clinics will be happening at The Klassics Turf House at 330 Gage Avenue Unit 4 in Kitchener.  Hosted by Jill Schnarr.

Clinics will Run on Tuesdays at 6pm and 7pm for the U11/U13 Age group and Thursdays at 8pm and 9pm for the U15/ U17 age groups.


We will be running the following sessions.

October 5 to December 7th - 10 weeks - $260 - FULL - 

January 4 to March 8 - 10 Weeks - $260

March 22 to May 10 - 8 Weeks - $210

You can sign up for one or multiple sessions.

You will be required to supply your own catcher.  If your catcher is a coach, parent or player they will be required to wear a face mask.

Learn To Play

For girls aged 4 to 6 where they are taught the basic softball skills (catching/throwing/hitting). This is an 7 week program where parents are encouraged to be on the field and participate with their daughters as instructors guide them through skills/drills and games.  Click here for more information.

Recreational (House) League

For girls aged 7 through19 year old who want to play against other local teams twice a week from early May to early July. The season finishes with a final tournament to crown a champion for each age division (U9, U11, U13, U15, U17/U19).  Click here for more information. 


This program is for those players who want to play some additional softball after the recreational season is completed and compete against teams throughout Southern Ontario. These teams will have tryouts in the spring so they are ready to play in tournaments starting mid-June.  Click here for more information.

Representative - Kitchener Klassics

A travel team program that is for players who want to play at the highest level possible. These teams are formed in September through open tryouts and train throughout the winter to get ready for the upcoming season. This is the program to join if you want to compete at the provincial and national level.  Click here for more information.